Red Bull Culture Clash

August 2012

Red Bull Culture Clash


In Red Bull's own words the Red Bull Culture Clash is “an innovative live music experience. The show comprises of four stages, each featuring a different soundsystem representing different genres, these soundsystems battle for the title of Red Bull Culture Clash Winner by performing four rounds of 15 minute sets each.” We knew that Red Bull had recently had a big push into the music industry following on from their success with extreme sports. 

They had produced some great products such as Red Bull Music Radio and were pushing artists such as Jessie Ware on their label Red Bull Academy. It was clear that strategically this was a big one for Red Bull and we needed to make sure that our pitch was conceptually “sound” whilst also dropping some heavy creative that would blow them away.


We set about a 1.5 day conceptual process that covered everything from interactive, live clap-o-meters on your iPhone to live hook ups from your desktop/tablet where you could DJ yourself. We came down on 2 ideas that took something new, something old, nothing blue (that’s too corporate) and something borrowed (although it was not us who were doing the borrowing).

So we pitched designs for the site and the two interactive elements; a spotify mixtape contest and a timeline of the genre of music for each artist so that the audience/users could learn the roots of the music they were listening to and loved. We rolled this all up in 4 desktop designs and showed rich graphical experiences for each of the artists that were due to play at the event.

Final Product

The designs and ideas were received extremely well with our client exclaiming “we could build these and put them live tomorrow, the design is spot on for Red Bull”. They also loved the ideas. 


Unfortunately they were not so keen on the price and unwilling to reach into their deep and taurine-infested pockets. Instead they took our idea and designs and replicated them themselves. Whilst imitation is indeed the highest form of flattery it doesn’t really create a great client relationship as it is the lowest form of payment. Suffice to say we were very pleased with the work but didn’t work for Red Bull again after that!