July 2017


Winnow is a travel app that connects you to exceptional travel experiences. Working directly with handpicked local insiders and providers, they unearth hidden knowledge about your destination so you don’t have to.

We worked alongside top digital agency ohmy to create the digital stratgey, user experience, and final user interface.

Extensive research into the space, Bermudian life, and the tech people use enabled us to provide a simple and refined MVP. Sketching core user-flows then moving quickly to wireframe prototypes, we were able to validate the experience and define the functionality for the client. This also gave us the ability to test the flows, and iterate with prospective users as well as "experience providers" that we termed "vendors". 

Many decisions had to be made to ensure that the network could support the app, and that the vendors could use it. We didn't want to create an idealistic scenario that meant the app would fall at the first hurdle. We onboarded the vendors to ensure they knew how to use it, and they could see the direct benefit to their business. We eventually opted to use the latest SMS technology, so that vendors and customers could communicate regardless of whether or not they had a WIFI connection.

The creative was lead by a boutique London brand agency. We worked collaboratively to ensure the UI we created was inline with their vision, whilst supplementing with iOS design best practices and enhancements to improve the overall user experience. Elegant typography, high contrast colour palette and a custom title font that had various glyphs undulated formed the core design principles of the Winnow brand.

The app had a soft launch recently, once early feedback has been gathered and the app refined a full launch will follow.